Pathophysiology of neurodevelopmental disorders:

insights from omics technologies and innovative model systems

Organized by Dr. Carlos Cardoso, and the European consortium Neuro-MIG (

The symposium, supported by the European Commission, in particular by the COST network (, will highlight the latest technological innovations (single cell -RNA, spatial transcriptomics, hIPSC, brain organoids, …) used to study the function of a gene and/or the mechanisms involved in brain development. It will also present how these innovations can improve the diagnosis of neurodevelopmental diseases.

About fifteen internationally renowned experts will be present to present their work to an audience of clinicians and researchers (see the meeting poster).

> Alexandre Baffet- Institut Curie, France

> Stéphanie Baulac – ICM, France

> Denis Jabaudon – Université de Genève, Switzerland

> Steven A. Kushner – ERASMUS MC, The Netherlands

> Laurent Nguyen – GIGA Neurosciences, Belgium

> Cantin Ortiz – Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

> Orly Reiner – Weizmann Institute, Israel

Programme & Registration

The conference is free of charge upon registration – mandatory.

Please register via the website:
Limited space available
Deadline: Sunday, October 27, 2019


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