Inmed U1249 - Park of Luminy - Marseille

Inmed is one of the most important neuroscience research center in France. It is a mixed structure Inserm – Aix-Marseille University, directed by Rosa Cossart. The main research topics are brain development and plasticity, as well as associated neurological pathologies.

The 130 researchers, teacher-researchers and engineers, of international origin, are divided into 10 teams, funded by the European Community, the Sud Region, foundations and associations (FRC, FRM). See : Science at Inmed.
It has state-of-the-art platforms in functional imaging and in molecular and cellular biology.

Inmed contributes to training through research. It welcomes trainees from various backgrounds (from bachelor to master), doctoral and post-doctoral students, biologists and physicians.
It participates in the development of scientific culture by organizing professional congresses, co-financed by Europe.
For a larger public, Inmed receives school students in training courses and proposes animations during awareness actions (Science Festival, Destination Lab). It also hosts the association Tous chercheurs, which teaches science through experimentation and promotes the scientific approach to everyone.

Inmed is a place of life where the sharing of means, know-how, resources and equipment leads to the emergence of collaborations. These exchanges allow multidisciplinary approaches, conducive to innovative discoveries.

The Institute is located in Marseille in the prestigious Luminy site of the Parc National des Calanques. The 5200 m² building, designed by the famous architect Snøhetta, offers an original and unique working environment.

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