The INMED Imaging facility (InMAGIC) offer to all users a large choice of microscopes and services. InMAGIC is under François Michel supervision  and a scientific comity that include the institute director (Alfonso Represa) and two expert researcher (Rosa Cossart and Valery Matarazzo).


InMAGIC news

Training news

InMAGIC will participate to INSERM training : From video- to  confocal microscopy. It will stand in April 2015

The technical offer include for types of microscope:


Two stereomicroscopes with camera are available, those give us the possibility to rapidly observe large samples in white transmission light or in epi-fluorescence mode with low magnification and large field of view.
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Wide-field Microscope

Four wide-field microscopes give the possibility to observe our samples with white transmitted light or fluorescence illumination. We offer both upright and inverted configurations with various magnifications (from 2 to 100 X), some are equipped with a camera and a motorized stage.

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Confocal Microscope

Three confocal microscopes, technologically more complex, they offer the best of the photonic microscopy. They allow us to analyze and illustrate INMED experiments.

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Multi-photon microscopes

Our multiphoton microscopes are designed for dynamic imaging in samples kept alive and track in the same time electrical activity of neurons. It uses an advanced technology research that allows the feat to reconcile speed , resolution, large fields of observation and tissue preservation .

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Light sheet microscope

Light sheet microscopes allows us to acquire large sample (as large as one cubic centimeter) with high resolution (les than 2 µm). It help us to follow large neuronal tracks in the whole brain or explore and discover new groups of specifically labeled cells far from the canonical and historical location for exemple.

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An offer of practical and theoretical training (required for access to resources) and help with image analysis:

The platform also provides technical assistance for image analysis , access to specialized software and theoretical and practical training for a savvy use of all users
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An offer of advices and expermiental and technical developement

The platform engineers are also involved with the teams of the institute to conduct experiments and technical tune . In particular the Maturation of cortical GABAergic microcircuits team  has two multiphoton microscopes : one for in vitro with optogenetic device and one for in vivo experiments .

Focus in InMAGIC

In a special issue of Sciences et vie junior (n°102) “light super power” François Michel speak about fluorescence microscopy power.

Let’s read: neurons as colored candies

A focus of a Brain paper involving François MICHEL in the letter of INSERM

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