Molecular and Cellular Biology Platform – PBMC

The PBMC offers Inmed and the scientific community the technical means to carry out experiments in :
• Molecular and gene biology
• Biochemistry
• Cell biology – Level 1 and 2 (human, rodent) confined cultures

The team guarantees the operation of the 60 workstations, and places the users in a position of autonomy. The PBMC allows the referencing and sharing of tools between teams.
Its access is by reservation. Rates and quotes are available from Emilie Pallesi (PBMC manager).

For complex experiments

Support can be provided to build all or part of the tests “tailor-made”. The platform identifies your needs and develops new approaches in a continuous improvement process.
Possible tests – non-exhaustive list:
• Genotyping, PCR, plasmid construction
• Transcriptional and protein expression studies (qPCR, Western Blot…)
• Access to cell banks, choice of consumables
• Cultures of lineages, primary, organotypic slices (monitoring, transfections, and analysis)
• Design, development and implementation of protocols with the project leader
• …
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An organoid service for mini-brain is being assembled. The PBMC proposes to recreate in vitro and in 3 dimensions mini-organoids from stem cells, as an alternative to some animal tests.


Emilie PAllesi - Plateform Manager

Aurelie Montheil - Technician

Francesca Bader - Technician

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