Rosa Cossart - Inmed UMR1249 (Inserm/Amu)


The Institue of Mediterranean Neurobiology (Inmed)  is one of the most important neuroscience centers from Inserm and Aix-Marseille University (France) whose scientific activity focuses on brain development and plasticity and related neurological pathologies. The Institue is characterized by a strong scientific synergy and collaboration, and a drive to share resources. It headed since January 2018 by Dr.  Rosa Cossart.

Inmed was founded by Dr. Yehezkel Ben – Ari in 1999 with the moving of his lab (the Inserm unit 29) from Paris to Marseille (about 30 people), a lab working on temporal lobe epilepsy and brain development by combining electrophysiological and anatomical approaches.

Inmed has known since its creation, a significant growth in the number of statutory researchers and students. Inmed is composed today of 130 people (36/researchers/teachers-researchers) working in his walls. This evolution has involved:

  • the opening and the occupation of a new building on the campus of Luminy Marseille in 2004
  • the transformation in 2012 of the research unit on a Research Center.
  • the development of new technical and thematic approaches, mainly in vivo electrophysiological recordings of neuronal activities on rodents in a situation of behavior, and the development of original animal models using molecular-genetic approaches, with the aim to establish the links between genes, neurons, neural networks, and function.
  • Finally, Inmed has promoted the integration of research teams working on neurological pathologies related to brain development, including infantile and childhood epilepsy, mental retardation and other developmental disorders  and established many links with the medical genetics and the clinic in order to better understand the cellular alterations or neural networks responsible for the neurological deterioration and to promote the transfer of knowledge between basic and clinic research.

Inmed building includes  now 9 qualified research teams. It is also the famous association ‘Tous chercheurs’ that proposes teaching of science through experimentation to different audiences (high school students ,  professionals, disease associations, general public).


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Inmed building was designed by the renowned Snøhetta architecture office from Norway – who also designed the famous library of Alexandria and amongst other projects  the museum of the Twin tower project and  the Opera of Oslo.

The extraordinary site  at just a few walking distance from the most fabulous site – the calanques - one of France’s great natural beauty areas (  renowned for his coastal ranges and vast marine area.

Inmed has a permanent collection of paintings and sculptures as well as temporary exhibits from artists such as : Amaury Arsac, Svetlana Bogatyr, Sylvie Captain-Sass, Monique Cassagne,  Pierre De Grauw, Jean Lepretre, Florence Molinie, la famille Moncys, Michel Wohlfhart, etc.


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