The Inmed disposes of over 5,200 m² of scientifics laboratories including a space reserved for new research teams, commons equipment , shared facilities and scientifics platforms.


Imaging facility

3 two-photons microscopes (for in vivo and in vitro studies), 3 confocal microscopes , (video microscopes, SIM…), systems for  image analysis (Neurolucida, Imaris…)
For more details, see the internet page of the platform InMAGIC



The post-genomics platform of the Inmed which aims to develop rat/mouse models of neurological diseases and included a transgenic animal house for mice/rats, type A2 and  a laboratory with  L1 and L2 cell cultures rooms.


Molecular and Cellular Biology Facility including:

- 5 L1 laboratories and a L2 laboratory equipped for cell culture (for primary and organotypic cultures, use of virus infection, or human cell culture …)

- Laboratories for molecular biology at DNA / RNA level (with a room for bacteriology, one for electrophoresis of DNA, thermocyclers and a lightcycler-480 to perform quantitative PCR experiments … )

- Laboratories to perform cellular and/or proteins experiments (biochemical analysis, a G-Box system, a microplate reader system …)


Animal Facility including :

- one conventional transgenic animal house for mice/rats

- one transgenic animal house for mice/rats type A2 with EOPS health status

- experimental annexes where animals are housed in ventilated cabinets


Electrophysiology laboratories

For in vivo and in vitro recordings, with common equipment for slicing, micropipette puller,…. and hosting more than 30 patch-clamp set-ups.


Shared facilities

Glass-washing area, computer service and histology lab (microtomes, cryostats, vibratomes, fluorescence microscopes, etc…)

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