The INMED is a joint research institute of INSERM and Aix-Marseille University.  The main objectives of its scientific teams are the study of the development and plasticity of the brain and the pathologies of brain development.  The diseases covered by our study are: epilepsy – which affects about 1% of the population – cortical developmental disorders – a common cause of mental retardation and drug-resistant epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, a disease whose mechanisms remain poorly understood and other developmental syndromes like fragil-, autism and Prader-Willi syndromes.

The INMED is composed by international researchers and professors brought together in 9 research teams qualified by our institutions. These researches are possible because we have the financial support of our institutions, of the European Community, foundations, associations, etc…

INMED is  also an active center of scientific training and scientific dissemination  through:

  • Training of students from different backgrounds (from bachelor to  post-doctoral students; from biologists to physicians)
  • Participation  in the teachings of the Faculty of Sciences of Luminy, including the Master   “Development Immunology “ , the Brain master program and different international PhD training programs.
  • Actions of the association “tous chercheurs” whose purpose is to teach /who proposes the teaching of science through experimentation and debates with different audiences (students, professionals, public associations, general public).
  • The organization of training courses and congress of European and international dimension

INMED is a living place where sharing expertise, resources and equipment, facilitates the emergence of collaborations and exchanges between our independent teams, strengthening the thematic coherence of the Institute and facilitating multidisciplinary approaches leading to several important discoveries.

The INMED building designed by the renowned Snøhetta architecture office stands in the  prestigious site of Luminy, at the heart of the Parc National des Calanques in Marseille.The artistic interest of this  building rests upon its outside but also its inside as many pieces of art are displayed  which makes the institute a unique and original place to work.



INMED is a member of the EpiNext network coordinated by F. Bartoloméi (La Timone Hospital; INS). It is a Department Hospitalo-Universitaire (DHU) that was certified Federation Hospitalo-Universitaire (FHU) in 2015 by Aviesan. The FHU groups 3 INSERM institutes (INMED, INS and UNIS) and 2 Teaching Hospitals of Marseille (La Timone and Hôpital-Nord). It will coordinate basic and clinical research on the neuronal excitability defects and the epilepsies. – See more at:

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