Chorev E - Epsztein J - Houweling AR - Lee AK - Brecht M


Current opinion in neurobiology


Most of our current knowledge about the neural control of behavior is based on electrophysiology. Here we review advances and limitations of current electrophysiological recording techniques applied in behaving animals. Extracellular recording methods have improved with respect to sampling density and miniaturization, and our understanding of the nature of the recorded signals has advanced. Juxtacellular recordings have become increasingly popular as they allow identification of the recorded neurons. Juxtacellular recordings are relatively easy to apply in behaving animals and can be used to stimulate individual neurons. Methods for intracellular recordings in awake behaving animals also advanced, and it has become clear that long-duration intracellular recordings are possible even in freely moving animals. We conclude that the electrophysiological methods repertoire has greatly diversified in recent years and that the field has moved beyond what used to be a mere spike counting business.

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