– Microcircuit embedding of spatial memories in the hippocampus –

Abstract: Spatially tuned receptive fields of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells (CA1PCs) provide a striking substrate for navigation and episodic memory. However, how feature tuning in single cells emerges through local interactions within CA1 microcircuits remains enigmatic. We developed in vivo single-cell electroporation to perform monosynaptically restricted retrograde tracing and bona fide single-cell optogenetics for functional interrogation of individual CA1PCs and their microcircuits embedding during spatial navigation. We find that feature tuning formation in single CA1PCs is not predicated on, but induces sustained suppression and enhancement in their respective inhibitory and excitatory subcircuits. Thus, single-cell feature tuning is amplified through local circuit plasticity in CA1 to promote effective multi-cell representations of behaviorally relevant environmental features.

Attila LOSONCZY, Department of Neuroscience, Columbia University, New York

Invited by Michel PICARDO

Zoom Meeting – Monday, April 19th, 3pm


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