- Tanycyte shuttles and networks in the central control of energy homeostasi -

Laboratory of Development and Plasticity of the Neuroendocrine Brain – Inserm U1172, University of Lille


Abstract: The survival of an individual relies on the ability of the periphery to promptly, effectively and reproducibly communicate with brain neural networks that control food intake and energy homeostasis. Tanycytes, a specialized glial cell type lining the wall of the third ventricle in the median eminence of the hypothalamus, appear to act as the linchpin of these processes by dynamically controlling blood-brain and blood-cerebrospinal fluid exchanges, processes that depend on the ability of these cells to adapt their morphology to the physiological state of the individual. In addition to their barrier properties, they possess the ability to sense blood glucose levels, and play a fundamental and active role in shuttling circulating metabolic signals to hypothalamic neurons that control food intake. Tanycytes could thus constitute the missing link in the loop connecting behavior, hormonal changes, signal transduction, central neuronal activation and, finally, behavior again. In this talk, I will disclose recent advances in the understanding of tanycytic plasticity and function in the hypothalamus, and the underlying molecular mechanisms.

Invited by : Françoise MUSCATTELI

Inmed meeting room, Monday October 14th, 11 am

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