Salmi M - Bolbos R - Bauer S - Minlebaev M - Burnashev N - Szepetowski P




The epilepsy-aphasia spectrum (EAS) is a heterogeneous group of age-dependent childhood disorders characterized by sleep-activated discharges associated with infrequent seizures and language, cognitive, and behavioral deficits. Defects in the GRIN2A gene, encoding a subunit of glutamate-gated N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, represent the most important cause of EAS identified so far. Neocortical or thalamic lesions were detected in a subset of severe EAS disorders, and more subtle anomalies were reported in patients with so-called "benign" phenotypes. However, whether brain structural alterations exist in the context of GRIN2A defects is unknown.

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