Erlandson MA - Manzoni OJ - Bureau I


PloS one


The organization of cortical networks can be investigated functionally in brain slices. Laser scanning photostimulation (LSPS) with glutamate-uncaging allows for a rapid survey of all connections impinging on single cells recorded in patch-clamp. We sought to develop a variant of the method that would allow for a more exhaustive mapping of neuronal networks at every experiment. We found that the extracellular field recordings could be used to detect synaptic responses evoked by LSPS. One to two electrodes were placed in all six cortical layers of barrel cortex successively and maps were computed from the size of synaptic negative local field potentials. The field maps displayed a laminar organization similar to the one observed in maps computed from excitatory postsynaptic currents recorded in patch-clamp mode. Thus, LSPS combined with field recording is an interesting alternative to obtain for every animal tested a comprehensive map of the excitatory intracortical network.

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