Cloarec R - Bauer S - Luche H - Buhler E - Pallesi-Pocachard E - Salmi M - Courtens S - Massacrier A - Grenot P - Teissier N - Watrin F - Schaller F - Adle-Biassette H - Gressens P - Malissen M - Stamminger T - Streblow DN - Bruneau N - Szepetowski P


PloS one


Congenital cytomegalovirus infections are a leading cause of neurodevelopmental disorders in human and represent a major health care and socio-economical burden. In contrast with this medical importance, the pathophysiological events remain poorly known. Murine models of brain cytomegalovirus infection, mostly neonatal, have brought recent insights into the possible pathogenesis, with convergent evidence for the alteration and possible involvement of brain immune cells.

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