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By Miriam Melis et Olivier JJ. Manzoni

Elsevier ISBN: 9780128234907


Cannabis and the Developing Brain provides comprehensive research on the effects of cannabis during neurodevelopment stages (i.e., perinatal and adolescent ages). The book introduces readers to vivo neural circuits and molecular and cellular mechanisms affected by cannabis exposure during three different temporal windows of brain vulnerability. In addition, it offers unique insights on shared neurobiological features of cannabinoid exposure during different developmental periods. Lastly, the book determines the adverse impact of developmental cannabinoid exposure on specific cognition, emotion and behaviors. Marijuana is the most commonly used psychotropic drug in the United States after alcohol. According to a 2018 NIH report, more than 11.8 million young adults reported marijuana use. With the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, momentum continues to build and be propelled by the reduction of stigma associated to its consumption, hence there is growing concern regarding long-term impacts on brain function and behavior.


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