Kourdougli N - Pellegrino C - Renko JM - Khirug S - Chazal G - Kukko-Lukjanov TK - Lauri SE - Gaiarsa JL - Zhou L - Peret A - Castrén E - Tuominen RK - Crépel V - Rivera C


Annals of neurology


Rewiring of excitatory glutamatergic neuronal circuits is a major abnormality in epilepsy. Besides the rewiring of excitatory circuits, an abnormal depolarizing γ-aminobutyric acidergic (GABAergic) drive has been hypothesized to participate in the epileptogenic processes. However, a remaining clinically relevant question is whether early post-status epilepticus (SE) evoked chloride dysregulation is important for the remodeling of aberrant glutamatergic neuronal circuits.

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