- Dissecting the structure and function of the claustrum -

University of Alberta, Department of Physiology, Canada

Abstract: The claustrum is an enigmatic brain region sharing anatomical connections with most cortical areas. However, the function of the claustrum is poorly understood. One major aim of my laboratory is to determine the anatomical and physiological rules that govern communication between claustrum and cortical neurons, with the ultimate goal of determining how claustrum neurons contribute to cognition and behavior.  Using pathway specific optogenetics, we recently determined that activation of the claustrum evoked strong feed-forward inhibition of neural networks in the prefrontal cortex. I will highlight and discuss aspects of this work, while presenting new data describing the topography of different claustrum outputs and the spatial organization of local claustrum interneurons. Finally, I will present new data documenting the behavioral correlates of claustrum neurons in awake head-fixed mice using deep brain two-photon calcium imaging.

Invited by : Richard BOYCE

Inmed meeting room, Monday September 30th, 11 am

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