Rosa Cossart elected to the Academy of Sciences

Following the elections opened in 2022, the Academy of Sciences has just elected 18 new members. Rosa Cossart is now a member of the Integrative Biology section.

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The Academy of Sciences has just elected 18 new members following the elections opened in 2022. These results will soon be ratified by an official decree of the President of the Republic. The reception ceremony for the newly elected members will take place on Tuesday 6 June 2023, under the dome of the Institut de France.

The Academy of Sciences adapts to the fast pace of scientific progress by regularly electing new members. It thus ensures the broadest possible coverage of all scientific fields, including the most emerging ones, and nurtures the wealth of debate and work within its groups and committees. In the early 2000s, the Academy’s statutes were amended to allow it to rejuvenate its membership: at each election session, at least 50% of the new members are under 55 years old. The Academy currently has 286 members, 120 foreign associates and 63 correspondents. […] More

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