Microglia govern synapse formation in the mature brain
Laetitia Weinhard
NYU Langone Health – New York

This past decade microglia, the brain’s professional phagocytes, have emerged as multifaceted modulators of neuronal function. Recent evidence suggests their involvement in synapse formation during juvenile stages. Whether this synaptogenic function persists into adulthood, and via which mechanisms, remain unclear. In this study, we aimed to decipher the role of microglia in mediating synapse formation in the mature brain. Using genetic tools, 2-photon microscopy, and electron microscopy, we meticulously characterized microglia-neuron interactions in the motor cortex of young adult mice, and explored potential mechanisms underlying these interactions. Our findings reveal that microglia are essential for facilitating synapse formation in the mature brain, primarily through the P2Y12 pathway. These results shed light on the intricate functions of microglia in regulating synaptic plasticity in the adult brain.

Invited by the Inmed Executive Committee
Monday May 6th at 11am, Inmed conference room

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