Altérations de la dynamique du traitement neuronal de l’information dans l’épilepsie

Pierre-Pascal Lenck-Santini


Cognitive and behavioral impairment can drastically affect the quality of life of patients with epilepsy, particularly when seizures appear in early childhood. Treating such deficits is therefore critical and understanding the mechanisms involved is an important step towards this goal. Although seizures, epileptiform activity are believed to play a critical role in these deficits, the underlying etiology of the epilepsy may also directly affect brain function. Unfortunately dissociating the impact of seizure activity from the impact of etiology is complex. Experimental strategies developed to make this dissociation consist of three levels of investigation: behavioral performance analysis, neural coding properties of epileptic networks and organization of neuronal dynamics through brain rhythms and oscillations. From this strategy, evidence from my work and others suggest that both seizures and cognitive deficits take their origin in a discoordination of epileptic networks, caused by GABAergic dysfunction and/or the abnormal presence of excitatory loops. Such network discoordination manifests itself in the form of abnormal rhythmical activity or of epileptiform activity. While my work was mainly interested in the cognitive abilities of adults, I now want to focus on the impact of epilepsy etiology on the maturation of brain networks during childhood. By combining molecular tools, transgenic strategies, electrophysiology and behavioral analysis during development and in adults, my goal is now to determine whether there are critical periods of development where animal models are specifically vulnerable to epileptic etiologies.


Elsa Rossignol – Examinateur – CHU Sainte Justine Research Center, Montréal, Canada
Francesca Sargolini – Examinateur – Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives, Marseille
Agnes Trebuchon – Examinateur – Institut des Neurosciences des Systèmes, Marseille
Stephane Charpier – Rapporteur – Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle épignière, Paris
Karim Benchenane – Rapporteur – Plasticité du cerveau, ESPCI, Paris


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