Behavioral state coding and multisensory integration in hippocampal circuit

Anton Sirota
Chair for Cognition and Neural Plasticity, Faculty of Biology
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience MunichAbstract

Abstract: Hippocampal mechanisms of spatial cognition give rise to a number of interlinked phenomena: spatial coding by neuronal population,  phase precession and theta-oscillation-bound sequences. In the first half of the talk I will present a series of results that link these phenomena to a spontaneous natural behavior of the rat. Using high resolution 3D tracking we detect, classify and discover exploratory behavioral states. We demonstrate that hippocampal pyramidal and inhibitory populations conjunctively code for both space and behavioral state. In the second half I will introduce newly developed virtual reality system for freely-moving rodents and their application for dissection of rodent behavior and hippocampal function. Using this system we demonstrate that under conflict between idothetic and allothetic inputs hippocampal spatial representation is consistent with the weighted multisensory integration of these two inputs.

Invité par  Roustem Khazipov

Monday June 12th at 11am –  Inmed conference room

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