Jamali S - Salzmann A - Perroud N - Ponsole-Lenfant M - Cillario J - Roll P - Roeckel-Trevisiol N - Crespel A - Balzar J - Schlachter K - Gruber-Sedlmayr U - Pataraia E - Baumgartner C - Zimprich A - Zimprich F - Malafosse A - Szepetowski P


PloS one


Human mesial temporal lobe epilepsies (MTLE) represent the most frequent form of partial epilepsies and are frequently preceded by febrile seizures (FS) in infancy and early childhood. Genetic associations of several complement genes including its central component C3 with disorders of the central nervous system, and the existence of C3 dysregulation in the epilepsies and in the MTLE particularly, make it the C3 gene a good candidate for human MTLE.

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