Devaux J - Dhifallah S - De Maria M - Stuart-Lopez G - Becq H - Milh M - Molinari F - Aniksztejn L




Kv7 channels mediate the voltage-gated M-type potassium current. Reduction of M current due to KCNQ2 mutations causes early onset epileptic encephalopathies (EOEEs). Mutations in STXBP1 encoding the syntaxin binding protein 1 can produce a phenotype similar to that of KCNQ2 mutations, suggesting a possible link between STXBP1 and Kv7 channels. These channels are known to be modulated by syntaxin-1A (Syn-1A) that binds to the C-terminal domain of the Kv7.2 subunit and strongly inhibits M current. Here, we investigated whether STXBP1could prevent this inhibitory effect of Syn-1A and analyzed the consequences of two mutations in STXBP1 associated with EOEEs.

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