Neuroplasticity: from synapses to circuits

Intercontinental hotel, Marseille – 15-16 April


Plasticity is a major property of the brain underlying development, learning, memory and providing stability or dysfunction in the framework of pathology. It can operate at various time and spatial scales and through different mechanisms both in health and disease. It also a protective or aberrant response to pathological insults. Traditionally studied at synaptic level, it can now be also envisaged as an emergent network property to adapt circuits to experience during development, learning or pathology.  Plasticity is cell-type specific, with some cells more prone to plasticity than others, as the underlying molecular and genetic mechanisms are starting to be uncovered. In this workshop, we will bring together leading world experts that investigate this issue from different scales of observation, from the molecular to the systems level. From these different viewpoints and experimental approaches, we aim at encouraging discussion and fostering collaboration to bridge the gap between synaptic and network plasticity and fasten their link to behavioral changes.  The program of the workshop will be organized along four sessions that will progressively aim at viewing plasticity linking molecular mechanisms to synapse physiology, synapse physiology to network dynamics, neuronal excitability and network dynamics, and finally network dynamics to behavior. Therefore this workshop will cover an increasingly important topic in neuroscience from molecular to systems level.

Rosa Cossart & Dominique Debanne


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