Information routing in the hippocampus -
RIKEN Center for Brain Science

In the seminar room, 11 am

Abstract : The human hippocampus plays a crucial role in episodic memory; the who, what, where memories that define our lives. In the rodent its robust code for space and well-defined anatomy make it an ideal model system, amenable to circuit manipulations and observations designed to test hypotheses concerning how memories are formed and used. Here I will present our studies in mice which combine genetic interventions and in vivo physiology to address how both local and remote inputs alter the balance of inhibition and excitation, influence information flow in the hippocampus, and ultimately, impact memory and behavior. To this end I will highlight the lab’s efforts to understand how oscillations in the hippocampal circuit organization information, explore the links between place cell activity and memory encoding and recall, and describe recent work on how inputs from the hypothalamus can differentially influence hippocampal memory in a task specific manner.

Invited by Jérôme Epsztein

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