The Administrative platform has four main tasks:
- Execute and contribute in defining the overall resource and organization strategy of the Inmed;
- Perform budget management and guarantee contractual commitments;
- Produce financial reports and balance sheets and perform all necessary controls ;
- Administer in accordance with the rules, procedures and quality processes.
The organization of the platform follows a mode of operation taking into account the quality ISO 9001 standard: traceability, staff competence, continuous improvement of objectives and of user satisfaction.

Poles and Human Resources: 8 FTP
Person in charge: Marie-France TINLAND, Administrative Executive Officer

The platform is divided into 5 areas:

  • Financial management and accounting → Pierryves Ibouanga (IE2 CDD AMU), with the assistance of Christine Piazzoli (TCN INSERM) for the gestion of Missions/contrats,Anne-Marie Herrera (TCN INSERM) for purchasing activities and Maryline Titus (ATP1 INSERM) for delivery and mail activities.
  • Human resources management → Bahija Hafidh (TCS INSERM)
  • Communication → Bahija Hafidh & Marie-France Tinland
  • Building and installations maintenance→ Robert Martinez (ATP2 AMU)
  • Informatics → Maxime Pelletier, responsible for the network (IE2 INSERM)

Administrative Executive Officer : Marie-France TINLAND

She coordinates and oversees the accounting service and finance, the human resources, administration and general services. She is the guarantor of compliance with legal, administrative and regulatory business obligations. Specifically, She is responsible for reporting and forecast budgets, the implementation of the necessary control mechanisms and reporting  financial tables in order to ensure that financial data are reliable (eligibility, value added).

Her function includes an important legal dimension since she keeps records of agreements and other documents pertaining to investments and their legal aspects.

The five divisions and their activities :


Division Accounting service and finance

Pierryves IBOUANGA, responsible for accounting service and finance, making the implementation and monitoring of budget lines and performs budget controls of the INMED in collaboration with Marie-France Tinland.


Christine PIAZZOLI organizes the visits and travel of researchers of the INMED. She keeps track of maintenance contracts for various equipments.

Maryline TITUS shall ensure deliveries  are in accordance with the purchase orders.  She is also in charge of the mailing management and the welcome visitors.

Anne-Marie HERRERA  ensures the entry of purchase requests staff of the INMED and invoice matching.

Division Human Resources

Bahija HAFIDH is the assistant officer to the Director A. Represa and the Administrative Executive Officer, Marie-France TINLAND. She organizes their travels.
She ensures the implementation of CDD and vacations. She organizes the reception of new recruits, students and staff abroad, staff holidays and missions/travel of speakers.

The Communication/Media division

Bahija HAFIDH & Marie-France TINLAND create image brochures, product brochures, advertising materials, picture books. They are involved in the administrative and budgetary aspects of  the actions of  communication. They also maintain and update the website of Inmed.


Division property assets

Robert MARTINEZ is in charge of building maintenance and facilities of the laboratory. He manages the layout of INMED. He also conducts scientific equipments in close concert with researchers.

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