Paolo Bonifazi – Ikerbasque, Bilbao, Spain
Blockage of STAT3 during epileptogenesis prevents GABAergic loss and imprinting of the epileptic state

Frédéric Brocard – INT, Marseille, France
It takes two to tango: the persistent sodium current swings with M-current in synchronizing locomotor movements

Fanny Cazettes – INS, Marseille, France
Revealing a reservoir of latent variables for flexible behavior in mice

Dominique Debanne – UNIS, Marseille, France
Soon to be known

David Dupret – University of Oxford, UK
Organizing hippocampal coactivity from robust to flexible memory

Gabrielle Girardeau – IFM, Paris, France
Neural mechanisms for emotional memory processing during sleep

Julijana Gjorgjieva – Max Planck, Frankfort, Germany
Emergence of organization and computation in neural circuits across scales

Pierre-Pascal Lenck-Santini – INMED, Marseille, France
Soon to be known

Guillermina Lopez-Bendito – CSIS, Alicante, Spain
Building Functional Sensory Circuits: Unraveling the Role of Spontaneous Activity in modality-specificity

Simona Lodato – Humanitas University, Milan, Italy
Soon to be known

Liset Menendez de la Prida – CSISC, Madrid, Spain
The hippocampus unfolded: cell-type specific dynamics in health and disease

Jean-Claude Platel – Inmed, Marseille, France
Clonal Relationships as a Blueprint for Hippocampal Cell Assembly Structure

Elsa Rossignol – Université de Montréal, Candana
Soon to be known

Sadra Sadeh – Imperial College, London, UK
Adaptive inhibitory stabilization and its signature in neural synchrony

Vikaas Sohal – UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, San Francisco, US
Soon to be known

Peter Stern – Science, London UK
The manuscript selection process at SCIENCE