Job description: A post-doc position is open in the team “Neural bases of sensorimotor learning” at INMED in Marseille. Our research aims to study how neuronal network dynamics in the cortex and striatum are associated to specific cerebral functions such as motor learning and procedural memory. The aim of our project is to characterize network connectivity and dynamics in relation to memory formation and to dissect cell-specific roles in population activity, using a multi-scale approach from synapses to neurons to neuronal circuits. Our approach combines novel techniques including multiphoton imaging, chemo-/optogenetics and electrophysiological multi-recordings in ex vivo and in vivo transgenic mouse models.

Research environment: The laboratory is part of the Institute of Neurobiology of Méditerranée (INMED), which provides all required facilities as well as a state-of-the-art imaging and electrophysiology platforms. The candidate will work in a motivated team and highly stimulating scientific environment.

Funding: The position is for 2 years (ANR JCJC PROMESS, PI: Elodie Fino), and to be filled before the end of 2020.

Profile: The candidate must hold a PhD degree or equivalent in Neuroscience. She/he should be highly motivated and show independent skills and strong interest in neurophysiology and system neuroscience. Prior research experience with multiphoton microscopy and/or electrophysiology will be advantageous.

To apply, candidates should email a CV, a short statement of research interest and experience and two reference letters to Elodie FINO (

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