A postdoc position is available to investigate the development of cortical networks in a rat model of Absence-Epilepsy.

Context: The ANR funded project SoAbsence.

The physiopathological mechanisms responsible for the building of epileptic networks in idiopathic epilepsies remain largely unknown. Previous work on GAERS, a genetic rat model of Absence‑Epilepsy, suggested that an abnormal development of the somatosensory cortex (SoCx) neuronal networks could be responsible for the emergence of seizure. The objective of SoAbsence is to determine at both cellular and network levels the functional and morphological processes leading to this phenomenon. We will track post‑natal changes that occur in SoCx before the emergence of recurrent seizures. SoAbsence should increase our knowledge on SoCx network maturation and improve the diagnosis and treatment of Absence-Epilepsy and other idiopathic epilepsies.

Mission: The candidate will perform electrophysiological recordings on rat brain slices and map functional neuronal connectivity using the technique of laser scanning photostimulation (LSPS) with glutamate uncaging. Candidate should be proficient with patch-clamp recording.

Contact: Dr Ingrid Bureau. The team webpage is here

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