Edited by Michael Long and Rosa Cossart

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Volume 52, Pages 1-198 (October 2018)

1 Michael Brecht, Constanze Lenschow and Rajnish P Rao
Socio-sexual processing in cortical circuits
10 Yong Gu
Vestibular signals in primate cortex for self-motion perception
18 Edmund Chong and Dmitry Rinberg
Behavioral readout of spatio-temporal codes in olfaction
25 Yutaka Yoshida and Tadashi Isa
Neural and genetic basis of dexterous hand movements
33 Noelia Antoń-Bolaños, Ana Espinosa and Guillermina López-Bendito
Developmental interactions between thalamus and cortex: a true love reciprocal story
42 Kanika Bansal, Johan Nakuci and Sarah Feldt Muldoon
Personalized brain network models for assessing structure–function relationships
48 Steven Knafo and Claire Wyart
Active mechanosensory feedback during locomotion in the zebrafish spinal cord
54 Rebecca A Piskorowski and Vivien Chevaleyre
Memory circuits: CA2
60 Robert R Rozeske and Cyril Herry
Neuronal coding mechanisms mediating fear behavior
65 Kishore Kuchibhotla and Brice Bathellier
Neural encoding of sensory and behavioral complexity in the auditory cortex
72 Matthew T Colonnese and Marnie A Phillips
Thalamocortical function in developing sensory circuits
80 Mor Ben-Tov, Ohad Ben-Shahar and Ronen Segev
What a predator can teach us about visual processing: a lesson from the archerfish
88 Janelle MP Pakan, Valerio Francioni and Nathalie L Rochefort
Action and learning shape the activity of neuronal circuits in the visual cortex
98 Phillip Bokiniec, Niccolò Zampieri, Gary R Lewin and James FA Poulet
The neural circuits of thermal perception
107 Manuel Valero and Liset Menendez de la Prida
The hippocampus in depth: a sublayer-specific perspective of entorhinal–hippocampal function
115 Ilsong Choi, Jae-Yun Lee and Seung-Hee Lee
Bottom-up and top-down modulation of multisensory integration
123 David Robbe
To move or to sense? Incorporating somatosensory representation into striatal functions
131 Adil G Khan and Sonja B Hofer
Contextual signals in visual cortex
139 Márcia M Aranha and Maria Luísa Vasconcelos
Deciphering Drosophila female innate behaviors
149 Ofer Yizhar and Oded Klavir
Reciprocal amygdala–prefrontal interactions in learning
156 Jonathan Green and Gaby Maimon
Building a heading signal from anatomically defined neuron types in the Drosophila central complex
165 Françoise Muscatelli and Sébastien GC Bouret
Wired for eating: how is an active feeding circuitry established in the postnatal brain?
172 Renata Batista-Brito, Edward Zagha, Jacob M Ratliff and Martin Vinck
Modulation of cortical circuits by top-down processing and arousal state in health and disease
182 Alexandra J Mably and Laura Lee Colgin
Gamma oscillations in cognitive disorders
188 Thomas C Gent, Claudio LA Bassetti and Antoine R Adamantidis
Sleep-wake control and the thalamus

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