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A life anchor

In this study, the authors investigated the molecular structure of KCC2, a chloride transporter, whose presence at the neuron surface protects the brain from epilepsy, ischemia and other neuropathies. Using an ingenious way to monitor KCC2 expression on live cells, they found that the N terminal of the molecule controlled its insertion at the membrane whereas the C terminal controlled its stability. KCC2, or how to cling to life.

Ingrid Bureau

Publication :

Neuronal Excitability A Novel View on the Role of Intracellular Tails in Surface Delivery of the Potassium-Chloride Cotransporter

P. Friedel, A. Ludwig, C. Pellegrino, M. Agez, A. Jawhari, C. Rivera and I. Medina – eNeuro 2017


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